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Its such a treat to meet you!


Being a Granny that I am , I absolutely adore spoiling my family with my delicious home baked goods.


My darling son, James always thought that they're so jolly good.  He loved waking up to the smell of my freshly baked biscuits, scones and the like.  Even after he grew up and had gone to live on his own, any time he came to visit, I'd get right to it and whip up his favorites for him to enjoy.


Having grandchildren took my baking to new heights.  They would polish them off, many times warm, fresh right from the oven.  James' son David is mad over them, and he thinks they're so awesome they ought to be shared with just everyone.


It took some time for him to convince me into divulging my highly classified secret recipes ;)  But being a good Granny I wanted to help him with his endeavor and so here we are.  I think he's doing an awfully good job of it.  That's my take on it, what yours?  I would dearly like to hear from you, and what you think of my Cookie Gift Baskets recipes and presentation.  Do drop me a line with your feedback and opinion, it would be lovely to hear your thoughts.


David taught me the basics of how to use a computer (at my age!!) and helped me open my own email account called  Once I got the hang of checking it myself, it's gotten to be fun and I check it every day! Can't wait to hear from you!"

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